Session Fun

to be real, I'm invested AF in this and I want you to be too. Creating a collection of photographs that is a representation of your love, of your very favorite day, is the most meaningful thing to me. The shapes of the clouds, the way the light hit your skin, the look in his eyes.

These galleries I look back at with the very same excitement as i’m sure you do. I never forget that these photos are going to a home, to a family, to grandkids in the future, and grandparents today who couldn’t make it.

It’s important to me to know the details, to pay attention when you tell me your whys, and spend every moment i’m with you observing and doing what I do best; taking a ton of photos. The images I give back will be meaningful, intentional, and a collage of your new favorite memories. 

The way I shoot is unique to every couple. I will never force you to spin and laugh if your truth is quiet and slow. Our energies work together to create an experience that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and brings out the best of each of you.