What to Wear



This is your moment to shine, Whether these photos are for you or your child. Solid Colors that are paired with large patterns or stripes look spectacular! however small prints and stripes may not look great in photos. If you want to achive a "dreamy" look. choose pastel colors, off-white and soft prints. if you want a dramatic look. think bright and colorful.

for CHILDREN, I recommend finding outfits with a lot of visual interest. look for clothes with lots of textures, Ruffles, Layers.  Make if fun for them, but don't forget they are kids. avoid clothing that will make the child looking like an adult in children's clothing!



RULE 1 :

Do not Try and Match Colors! you may try and coordinate colors but what you do not want to do is make it seem like your tried and failed.

accessories are also tricky! but for girls, hats, hairpieces, neck less, belts.

guys you can include Hats, Leather Cuffs, Watches, Suspenders, Etc.



Same rule apply as before as color and accessories. you may choose one color or two. in the case of a family or group. Less is actually more.
Jeans for group photos are ideal. I always suggest to the Mother to choose her attire first, and work around that for the rest of the family!